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— title: Links —

Random links I find useful


  • ArchWiki: The official ArchLinux wiki.
  • NixOS Wiki: The unofficial user's wiki for Nix/NixOS/Nixpkgs and surrounding infrastructure.
  • NixOS Search: The search page for packages under Nixpkgs (and NixOS options).
  • protondb: Compatibility reports for games run with Proton under Linux.

Reading and writing



  • Roll20: For the free online TTRPG experience.
  • Committee of Zero: A group that provides fan improvement patches with fixes for the Science Adventure Series by 5pb., Nitroplus, and Chiyomaru Studio.

Language Learning

  • Anki Decks: Download respective Anki decks for your languages here.
  • TheMoeWay: Learn Japanese the moe way.
  • Itazuarneko: Another great guide for learning Japanese.
  • Yomichan: Pop up dictionary for Japanese (supports AnkiConnect).
  • Dictionariez: Similar to Yomichan but for other languages.
  • Languages On Fire: [PAYWALLED] Learn German here (use their Anki Deck too).

Code Repositories

Torrent Trackers

  • I won't post any more private trackers even if you want me to.
  • 1337x: All purpose public tracker
  • RuTracker: All purpose public tracker (Russian).
  • Nyaa: The anime public tracker, also has JP music, games, manga, books and software. Mirror for blocked countries:
  • METAL-TRACKER.COM: Public metal music tracker.


  • DOUJINSTYLE.COM: Everything doujin, convenient way to get albums although LOG files may not be 100% correct.


  • ProxySite: I use it to download large GitHub assets.