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@ -41,10 +41,10 @@ Random links I find useful
- [[][Nixpkgs]]: Nix Packages collection.
- [[][Concourse CI]]: A continuous thing-doer.
- [[][lsp-mode]]: Emacs library for Language Server Protocol.
- [[][QEMU]]: The famous virtualization API library.
- [[][libvirt]]: The famous virtualization API library.
- [[][Stable Diffusion]]: Text2Image and Image2Image diffusion scripts for the SD models.
- [[][Simple Nixos Mailserver]]: True to its name.
- [[][Captchouli]]: Booru-backed procedurally-generated anime image captcha library and server
- [[][chibicc]]: A [[][chibi]] C compiler by Rui Ueyama.
** Torrent Trackers
- I won't post any more private trackers even if you want me to.
@ -53,5 +53,13 @@ Random links I find useful
- [[][Nyaa]]: The anime public tracker, also has JP music, games, manga, books and software. Mirror for blocked countries: [[]].
- [[][METAL-TRACKER.COM]]: Public metal music tracker.
** Music
- [[][DOUJINSTYLE.COM]]: Everything doujin, convenient way to get albums although LOG files may not be 100% correct.
** Misc
- [[][ProxySite]]: I use it to download large GitHub assets.
* Other Blogs
- [[][NixOS in the Cloud, step-by-step: part 2]] by Justinas Stankevičius (also see
- [[][Body Trade in Mainline Streams?]] by Snehit Shah (flyingcakes)
- [[][most depressing midi player]] by junko (Possibly browsing